PockeTwit 0.86

Excellent Twitter app for Pocket PC


  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Interface makes good use of screen space
  • Incorporates lots of Twitter features
  • Upload photos directly from your device


  • Screen often gets stuck when sliding


PockeTwit is a very good free Twitter app for Pocket PC. The program offers a comfortable way to view and send tweets from your Windows Mobile device.

The superb user interface in PockeTwit maximizes screen space by having one main screen dedicated to latest tweets, then separate menus that slide out from the left and right by swiping your finger.

The left-hand menu in PockeTwit is used for global tools such as posting updates, viewing messages, and changing settings. The menu on the right side is more contextual, relating to the user whose tweet your are viewing. Here you can quickly perform actions such as retweeting, quoting, emailing their status, viewing their timeline or adding to your favorites.

There are plenty of interesting features within PockeTwit, such as the ability to organize your Twitter contacts into groups. This is great if you follow a lot of people, because it allows you to categorize them, making them easier to view.

Other neat features of PockeTwit include support for multiple Twitter accounts, URL shortening and automated uploading of images from your device to services such as TwitPic and yfrog. Overall, this makes PockTwit a more powerful alternative to Tiny Twitter.

Our only small gripe with PockeTwit is that it's easy to hit the wrong option by mistake, because of the fact you have to hold down on the menu to drag the timeline back across. A couple of times we even ended up unfollowing people on PockeTwit because the screen got stuck while we were dragging across with the 'Unfollow' button inadvertently pressed down.

Overall though, PockeTwit is an impressive free Windows Mobile Twitter application, which acts the perfect hub for Twitter activity on your Pocket PC.



PockeTwit 0.86

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